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GUANXIN FORGING is a medium-sized forging group includes SHANGHAI sales company; SHANXI forging factory and WENZHOU forging factory. It is a major manufacturer of FORGINGS and FLANGES. Our comprehensive process involves material sourcing, forging, heat treatment,machine tooling, quality inspection, mechanical typing, and packaging.


We produce flanges and forgings according to drawings, chemical composition requirements by open die forging, die forging. Rough machining , heat treatment and finished machining all are available . The qualified ration of heat treatment for flange, forging products reaches 97.8%. We cooperate closely with organizations of cranes, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, hydraulics, coking, trains, engineering machinery, electric power, food processing, paper, shipbuilding, transportation etc., products range from wheels, pulleys, sprockets, gears, ring gears, ring parts, cylinders, shafts, cylinders, blocks, modules, to bearing support seats, etc. The products are reliable in materials and stable in quality, and have been exported to more than 40 countries Worldwide.